In the listing entities that could file for bankruptcy in the near future, “FTX USDerivatives LLC” was erroneously included. The court filing recognizes Ledger X in its capacity as a nondebtor. LedgerX LLC has ceased using the dba of “FTX US derivatives” and has not filed bankruptcy. Zach Dexter, CEO, Ledger CLL


LedgerX LLC has not filed for bankruptcy and has stopped using the dba “FTX US derivatives LLC”. LedgerX LLC has stopped using the dba of “FTX US Derivatives” and has not filed for bankruptcy. Zach Dexter, CEO at Ledger CLL, a subsidiary FTX US offering derivatives, announced on Twitter that LedgerX LLC had changed its name to LedgerX and that no bankruptcy case is being initiated for “FTX US Derivatives LLC”. He confirmed that customer assets are distinct from any other FTX entity and that LedgerX accounts do not part of the FTX bankruptcy. Besides that, LedgerX LLC’s new CEO confirmed that LedgerX can pay all owed money.
To ensure the safety and integrity on the markets, 100% of the employees are still employed.
Under the strict supervision of its federal regulator, the company continues to operate as an exchange and clearinghouse that is federally regulated.
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