People who knew about the FTX arrangement that Alameda Research was lending money to was fired by the bankruptcy unit that took over FTX. According to the Wall Street Journal John J. Ray III, the new CEO of FTX, took over the exchange after Sam Bankman-Fried left to manage the platform’s bankruptcy. He has now terminated his contract.


The bankruptcy unit that took control of FTX fired people who knew about the FTX arrangement lending money Alameda Research.FTX terminates 3 key executives connected to Sam Bankman Fried 3According the Wall Street Journal, John J. Ray III, the new CEO of FTX, took over the exchange after Sam Bankman Fried quit to manage the platform’s bankruptcy. Sam Bankman-three of Fried’s most trusted executives. The exchange Chief Technology Officer and co-founder Gary Wang, Chief Technological Officer Nishad Sing, and Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison were all fired. They were all reported to have been aware that they received deposits from users and were investing at a loss, which could lead to a deficit of $8-10 billion. All three of these characters have been “confidants” of Sam Bankman–Fried since FTX/Alameda were founded in 2019. Creditors recovered the loans from the LUNA/UST lawsuit in May, which caused the market to plummet. FTX then transferred customer deposits to Alameda. The deal was not known to Ellison or Sam Bankman-Fried. Ellison said that he was sorry for putting the entire organization in such a situation. Sam Bankman-Fried stated that both Gary Wang (and Nishad Singh) “ran away” from their “felt bad” position, while Caroline Ellison wasn’t aware of it. Where. The SEC has been in constant contact with FTX over many years and is said to be committed not to interfering with its operations. This website provides general market commentary but does not provide investment advice. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comChubbiCoincu NewsTags: Alameda ResearchFTXFTX CEOFTX CollapseFTX.USGary WangSBF