Key Points: Copy Trading is a technique in which traders copy trades made by successful traders. Copy trading allows novice traders to benefit from the knowledge of more experienced traders without the need to spend years studying markets or creating their own trading strategies. Successful traders will reciprocate.


Key Points:BTCEx lets you copy trades from successful traders with transparency.
For traders to make informed decisions, the success rates and risk factors of traders are displayed.
Copying trades has been proven to be a profitable investment strategy that can yield high returns.
BTCEx is an easy-to use platform that allows users to take part in copy trading.
Copy trading with BTCEx allows users to invest in global markets worldwide.
Copy trading is where investors copy trades made by successful traders. Copy trading allows novice traders to benefit from the knowledge of more experienced traders without the need to spend years studying markets or creating their own trading strategies. Successful traders can share their trades and insights with others to earn additional income. This article will direct you to BTCEX where you can find the most transparent and transparent copy trading service. Copy trading is a method where novice traders copy experienced traders’ portfolios in order to gain knowledge, experience and potential profits. It allows users to sync their trading operations with the Lead Trader’s Portfolio. They can also modify their copy amount, stop losing, and take profits. BTCEX is a one-click copy trade service that is easy to use, transparent, and convenient. The portfolio is managed by the Lead Trader who receives up to 15% of the Copy Traders’ profits. This allows investors to consider the risks before investing in copy trading. Before investing in copy trading, investors should consider all possible risks.
Unrealized PNL for position = direction of order * (mark price-entry price) * position size
*Direction of order: 1 for long orders; -1 for shorter orders. Portfolio’s Realized PNL = Cumulatively Realized PNL for positions – net financing fees – cumulative trading Commission
Portfolio’s unrealized PNL = All open positions have an unrealized PNL
Calculated Portfolio Balance Portfolio balance = Wallet Balance = Net deposits + Portfolio’s Realized PNLPortfolio assets CalculatedMargin balance= Wallet balance + Unrealized PNLCalculate the MDDThe maximum drawn down (MDD), is the maximum loss that can be observed from a portfolio’s peak to its trough before it reaches a new peak. Maximum drawdown is a measure of downside risk for a given time period. The MDD is an indicator of downside risk. It measures the maximum movement between a high and low point before reaching a new peak. It is important to remember that MDD only measures the loss of the largest amount. It does not take into account the frequency of large losses. MDD measures the largest loss. It does not take into account the frequency of large losses.
N is the trough IOPV value for the specified period
ROI and PNL Calculated. The return on investment (ROI) is a percentage or ratio that measures the profitability or efficiency of a trade, investment, or trade. Calculated ROI and PNL ROI = (IOPV at end of period – InitialIOPV)*100%
Total PNL = Margin balance – Initial deposit – cumulative deposits + cumulative withdraws*When a portfolio has been created, the initial IOPV is 1. If withdrawals or deposits are made, the IOPV for the portfolio will be updated immediately.
T-1: Value before any deposits/withdrawals
When adding funds:T(IOPV) = [T(Margin Balance) – Deposit Amount)] / (T-1)(Margin Balance)*(T-1)(IOPV)When withdrawing funds:T(IOPV) = [T(Margin Balance) + Withdrawal amount)] / (T-1)(Margin Balance)*(T-1)(IOPV)If no deposit or withdrawal occurred:IOPV at the end of a period = Current Margin Balance / Initial Margin Balance*Initial IOPVVisit BTCEX Copy TradingRequirement For Becoming A Copy TraderYou need to pass KYC 1 verification and make sure that there is an available balance in your Funding wallet, then, you can copy the portfolio. *The default minimum copy amount for a portfolio is 100 USDT. Please refer to the minimum copy amount for the portfolio you wish to copy. Profit Shared for Copy Trading10% will be paid to your Lead Trader. Your Lead Trader will receive 10% of your copy trading profits. Click “Portfolio Center” on the homepage of BTCEX. Click “Copy” to open the Copy Portfolio page. Click the arrow icon to set Take profit / stop loss. Next, enter your copy amount. Roll down to the advanced setting to enable Take-profit/stop-loss copy. After everything is set, click “Confirm”. The profit-sharing percentage can vary depending on which Lead Trader is. Before copying a portfolio, Copy Traders need to carefully consider the fees or commissions. As with all investments, there is always risk. Copy traders should carefully consider the fees and commissions before copying a portfolio. Click “Be a Lead Trader” and fill out the information. Each application will be reviewed by the BTCEX team on a case-by–case basis.
Please note that you cannot become a Lead Trader if you are a Copy Trader.
You can earn a percentage of the profits from Copy Traders as a Lead trader, and also gain industry recognition for your trading skills and become an influencer in crypto trading. You can attract other traders who are interested in trading strategies and techniques by sharing and creating content. This will help you build your following and increase your earnings through profit sharing. Lead Traders are required to deposit USDT 500 and can create up to six portfolios simultaneously. This is to ensure that Lead Traders have enough capital to manage their portfolios effectively, and to prevent overextension of trading activities.
Under certain conditions, the Lead Trader receives profit-sharing in copy trading. All copy trades that a Lead Trader closes will be closed and all profit-sharing from Copy Traders of the copy portfolio will be paid to them. If a Lead Trader leaves their portfolio, all copy trades will be closed and the profit-sharing from each Copy Trader of the copy portfolio will be paid to them. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: BTCEXBTCEX Copy TradingBTCEX ExchangeBTCEX ReviewCopy TraderCopy trading