Web3 has made great strides, and 2023 will have a lot to celebrate. What tools, products and protocols are available today? Let’s explore eight new exciting things with Coincu this year. S3 is the oldest and most popular service in AWS. Web3 storage solutions


Web3 has made great strides, and 2023 will have a lot to celebrate. What tools, products and protocols are available today? S3 is the most popular and oldest service in AWS. Web3 storage solutions take managed storage a step further by introducing immutability and persistence not available with traditional storage solutions.That’s why companies like Instagram choose Arweave to build features that other centralized architectures can’t.With protocol updates on Arweave, such as Bundlr, EXM, and Warp, the barrier to entry for users and developers has been greatly lowered, as there are now high-quality, high-performance applications on Arweave.MessagingOne of the most exciting new protocols introduced last year was XMTP, a protocol for enabling encrypted and secure messaging.If your application requires messaging, or maybe you just want to build a new messaging application with some cool new features, Inherited users of all other applications built using XMTP.No longer do you need to onboard a whole new user base; all users in any app built with XMTP can select your app, log in, and continue their conversations from their other apps.This is already happening and gaining momentum in the Lens Protocol ecosystem and elsewhere.This value proposition backed by shared, public, immutable data and infrastructure is the strongest and most underrated thing about Web3 and the reason to build with these tools and technologies.Account abstractionScalability, accessibility, and user experience are the biggest barriers to the adoption of blockchain technology.Account abstraction helps to directly address two of these challenges (accessibility and user experience) and has quickly become one of the highest-priority features in the protocol roadmap and a hot topic in the blockchain community.Account abstraction enables the following features:Social, email, or any account login
Gas-free meta transactions
Batch processing multiple transactions
Any token can be used as a gas payment
Multi-signature security
Social recovery, etc.
Protocols such as Fuel are being built to treat account abstractions like first-class citizens. EIP4337 allows existing protocols and protocols to build account abstractions into EOA based protocols. Serverless is powerful enough to surpass other cloud and hosting providers. Serverless is a service model and architectural idea that allows developers to concentrate on the business logic of their applications without worrying about infrastructure. Although they offer some of the same functionality as Vercel, decentralized infrastructures such as Arweave or IPFS don’t offer the exact same services. There are approximately 4.9 billion social media users worldwide. Developers can quickly build scalable apps without having to manage backend infrastructure. Lens Protocol allows them to do this by providing a Web infrastructure that allows them to build scalable apps. You can get the best Web3 experiences by collecting “stamps” that validate your identity and online reputation. This will allow you to maximize your chances of receiving Gitcoin Grants. The more you verify your identity, the more opportunities you will have to vote and participate across Web3.Other tools and protocolsHuddle started as a product but has since opened up their protocol to developers as well to build zoom-like experiences.With Livepeer, a decentralized video infrastructure network, you can create applications that implement video capabilities and live video streaming within your applications.WeaveDB is a Firestore-style NoSQL database based on Arweave.ConclusionThere’s a lot more that I haven’t covered, but for someone with limited energy, these are the things you should be excited about this year.The collapse of the centralized cryptocurrency exchange FTX and the arrest of its creator and former CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried (also known as SBF), for fraud brought in a crypto winter that ended in 2022. This was after other important events such as the collapse of Terra (Luna), Voyager, and Celsius and the risk of contagion affecting the entire cryptocurrency market. As a result, people began to question the value of Web3, blockchain technology and the practical applications for cryptocurrencies in the economic system. These are two distinct ideas that should not be mixed together. These are two distinct ideas that should not be mixed up. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: https://linktr.ee/coincuHaroldCoincu NewsTags: ArweaveAWSfuelGitcoin PassportLens ProtocolLivepeerVercelWeb3XMTP